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The International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM) establishes and maintains the standards for assessing and credentialing physicians practicing lifestyle medicine globally.

IBLM delivers a positive impact on the healthcare
field by:

Setting and maintaining a global standard for lifestyle medicine

Establishing standardized language for lifestyle medicine protocols globally

Differentiating evidence-based lifestyle medicine professionals from non-evidence-based lifestyle medicine practitioners

Legitimizing the field of lifestyle medicine

Key Personnel

A photo of Amy Mechley, MD.

Amy Mechley, MD

Board Chair

CEO, Integrated Family Care

Agnese Lapsa-Lešinske

Data Manager, ABLM/IBLM

Rebecca Deutsch, MS, DipIBLM

Certification Manager ACLM/IBLM

A photo of Stephan Herzon

Stephan Herzog

Executive Director ABLM/IBLM

Teddy Xing

IBLM China Manager

A photo of Jill Waalen, MD.

Jill Waalen, MD

Question Bank and Exam Manager

Associate Professor Scripps Research Institute Family Medicine Physician, Psychometric Expert

Marcela Sandoval Garza, MD, DipIBLM


Current Exam Contributors

Dr. Darren Morton, Australia

Dr. Simon Matthews, Australia

Dr. Sley Tanigawa-Guimaraes, Brazil

Dr. Andre Moschetta, Brazil

Dr. Siva Poobalasingam, Malaysia

Dr. Jenny Lee, South Korea

Dr. Keisuke Miyamoto, Japan

Dr. Saleh Alrajhi, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sheela Nambiar, India

Dr. Ayman Al-Dahshan, Qatar

Dr. Beth Frates, USA

Dr. David Lipmann, USA

Dr. Jasdeep Saluja, Canada

Dr. Marcela Sandoval, Mexico

Dr. Mechelle Palma, Philippines

Dr. Timea Csepes, Hungary

Dr. Amy Mechley, USA

Dr. Sunil Kumar, UK


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